Friday, July 26, 2013

Semester 2 and Moodle

The design 2 subject follows on from Design 1. The subject outline contains all briefs and criteria sheets, and all of these have been modified to include a date for roughs as such: 6 roughs presented 30 July in class and forum (pass/fail) Both lecturers have run through Moodle in class and again stressed the need to engage with it as a professional tool. I also decided to add in a glossary activity. Students would use Moodle in class to add a design term to a communal glossary. these terms would then be laid out in an InDesign tutorial and printed for their final journals. I felt this would be a good way to integrate Moodle functionality with an existing element of assessment - the design glossary - and bring it together with a practical exercise using InDesign. This would be due in week 3. Students have been told verbally in class and also via Moodle mail outs.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reflection on Semester 1 implementation

In semester one, the project was implemented within the Design 1 Subject. For the students' final assignment, they were required to upload 8 roughs to Moodle for lecturer/peer feedback. This was communicated verbally in class and via posts on Moodle. The rationale for this was explained to students : that often in design, you will be required to send clients/teams roughs online for feedback, and that final files are always submitted electronically to printers/clients. Only one student uploaded roughs, out of 20. Most students showed roughs in class, and did not seem to want to upload to Moodle. Anecdotally, many saw it as extra work - to scan and upload images from their journals. From this, I decided firstly that producing roughs should be an assessable part of criteria in order to encourage students to do so, and that integrating Moodle into the subject from day one might help to familiarise students with the system and establish it as a primary platform for teaching and learning. I attempted to implement these changes into the next iteration of the project.