Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflection on first implementation for Design 2

Again, very few students uploaded content to Moodle - only 4 engaged. This is despite the addition of these roughs becoming assessable criteria. The need to add roughs online was outlined in class verbally as well as via multiple Moodle mail outs. As a lecturer, it was difficult to negotiate making a response in a timely manner. This was due to some students posting on weekends or Mondays/Tuesdays - and I am only on site here from Wednesday to Friday. From observation, I saw that this would sometimes cause students to disengage from the forum - they did not get a prompt response, and so did not check back again. From this trial, I decided to again modify the project. I decided for the next assignment to have an in class session where students would upload source material in class to Moodle.

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